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every dog deserves a mattress...

Welcome to the home of The Dog Mattress.
The question worth answering is, "why shouldn’t your dog have a mattress?"
The fact is that your dog sleeps even more then you do!
The Dog Mattress has a high-density foam core covered in heavy-duty waterproof Oxford D600.
or a heavy duty water proof rip stop fabric.

key features

  • Tough Ripstop fabric available if you need a tougher and more durable option. Ask us more.
  • Dog hair can't penetrate the weave of the fabrics and therefore it can be wiped or brushed off easily.
  • It can get washed and left in the sun to dry within minutes, without having to take the cover off.
  • Hygenic & durable... this 'puppy' won't deconstruct in a hurry!
  • Removable cover with a double zip
      The Dog Mattress - Every dog deserves a mattress

options for the Dog Mattress

  • The Large Dog - 1000mm x 1250mm x 100mm thick
  • The Medium Dog - 750mm x 1000mm x 100mm thick
  • The Small Dog - 500mm x 750mm x 100mm thick
Custom sizes are optional, drop us a line and we will quote you.

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Large dog mattress Small dog mattress
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